So yeah, they had a great night 

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So guys,

I tried Sims 4 a little bit, because I downloaded it.

But I’m getting my paycheck in a few days, so I’ll buy it.
I’m planning to get back to The Simblr Community soon. 

Hope you’re excited as I am! 

I’m still waiting to get some downloads and stuff, but things look great!


It’s her first painting — give her a break!

I totally love it. 

Once you get this you must post 5 facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favorite followers :)

Let’s see, five facts about me… Okay!

  1.  Something unusual; When I get goosebumps I MUST get it again by the same cause otherwise it won’t go away.  

  2. I’m obsessed with time, If someone is 1 minute late I’m freaking out.
    I also take time very seriously so if someone says “I’ll do it at two” I expect them to do it at two, not earlier or later.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Ariana Grande, I truly adore her.

  4. When I’m angry or frustrated I’ll clean the space around me because it annoys me.

  5. I love cinnamon with everything sweet, I just love it, frosted flakes? Plus cinnamon, apple? Plus cinnamon. I just love love love it. 

can u not be so pretty

Long time no see babes xx | Charity Avaleau

omg. well this has been a while.